Timothy X Brown

Director of Academics, Carnegie Mellon University Africa in Rwanda
Electrical and Computer Engineering & Engineering and Public Policy

Phone: +250 787 674 062
Email: timxb@andrew.cmu.edu



Timothy X Brown received his B.S. in physics from Pennsylvania State University and his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from California Institute of Technology. He has worked at both the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Bell Communications Research. Since 1995 he has held faculty appointments at the University of Colorado at Boulder, most recently as Professor in Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering and Director of the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program.

He currently has a joint appointment between Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Engineering and Public Policy Departments at Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests include adaptive network control, machine learning, and wireless communication systems. His recent research funding includes NSF, DOE, and industry. Projects include the role of mobility in network control of unmanned aircraft, denial of service vulnerabilities in wireless protocols, spectrum policy frameworks for cognitive radios, and stochastic geometry applied to wireless networks.

He is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award, and the GWEC Wireless Educator of the Year.


BSc Physics, Pennsylvania State University
MSc Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology
PhD Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

  • E. Ogbo, T. X Brown, D. Sicker, "Mobile Service Substitution. A Wall or a Bridge for Internet Penetration Growth in Rural Africa? A Case Study in Nigeria," Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy (TPRC), Sept. 7, 2017. 
  • M. Saint, T. X. Brown, "The dynamic policy license," International Symposium on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySPAN), Baltimore, MD, Mar. 2017. (9 pages) 
  • P. Madhusudhanan, J. G. Restrepo, Y. Liu, T. X Brown, "Analysis of Downlink Connectivity Models in a Heterogeneous Cellular Network via Stochastic Geometry," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communication, v. 15, n. 6, Jun. 2016. pp. 3895-3907, 13 p. 
  • T. X Brown, D. C. Sicker, "Spectrum Sharing Vulnerability and Threat Assessment," in J. D. Matyjas, S. Kumar, F. Hu, eds., Spectrum Sharing in Wireless Networks: Fairness, Efficiency and Security, CRC Press, April 2016. (21 pages)