Ben Racz is the founder and managing director of Algorithmic Sciences, a scientific research and consulting firm. Algorithmic Sciences develops institutional-grade validation procedures and systems for generating and executing portfolios of positive expectancy intraday trading strategies using proprietary statistical analysis and robustness testing methods.

With a foundation in specialized programming languages, Racz has managed complex software projects since 2001. His specialties include the validation of manual, semi-automated, and automated speculative trading strategies, developing distributed research infrastructure and execution and order-management systems, risk management and monitoring systems, and securely operating and optimizing the underlying infrastructure.

Before focusing on Algorithmic Sciences, during his career as an entrepreneur, Racz co-founded a consulting firm dedicated to data-driven methodologies to promote business growth, a data-science-based wholesale trading company, and an information security consulting firm. The cybersecurity scope ranged from information security auditing, consulting on cyber-warfare, and ISO 27001 auditing, policy development, implementation and management of Sarbanes-Oxley compliant infrastructure operations, and technical consulting and vulnerability testing in line with PCI-DSS requirements for multinational corporations.

Racz aims to share his experience in quantitative financial analytics and algorithmic trading. His background offers students an understanding of the subject from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

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