Patrick McSharry is a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University Africa, director of the World Bank funded African Centre of Excellence in Data Science (ACE-DS) in Rwanda and a member of the Kigali Collaborative Research Centre. Having served 22 years at Oxford University, McSharry remains affiliated with the Oxford Man Institute of Quantitative Finance, the Mathematical Institute, the Department of Computer Science, and the Oxford Internet Institute. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Senior Member of the IEEE and Senior Academic Member of the Willis Research Network and advises on working groups for insurance, open data and big data.

McSharry was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship and two Marie Curie Research Fellowships (UK and Spain). He takes a multidisciplinary approach to developing quantitative techniques for data science, decision-making, and risk management. His research focuses on big data, forecasting, predictive analytics, machine learning, and the analysis of human behaviour. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, three books, and advises national and international government agencies and firms in the insurance, finance, agriculture, energy, telecoms, environment, education, and healthcare sectors.


Ph.D., Mathematical Institute, Oxford University

MSc, Engineering, University of Dublin's Trinity College Dublin

BSc, Theoretical Physics, University of Dublin's Trinity College