Martin Saint is a lecturer, researcher, and cyber engineer. He came to Carnegie Mellon University's Africa campus in 2013 with over 30 years of industry experience.

He focuses on applications of technology for digital finance and e-health and taught the first academic Financial Technology (FinTech) and Blockchain courses on the African continent. He consults on engineering, economics, business, and policy issues for public and private organizations, primarily in the finance, health, technology, and telecommunications sectors.

Saint is a research fellow at the Kigali Collaborative Research Center and an invited lecturer at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy. He is an advisor for two World Bank-funded African Centers of Excellence, one in Internet of Things and the other in data science. He has researched at the University of Colorado's Pervasive Communications Laboratory and Digital Energy Lab, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Management Institute, and Idaho National Laboratory.

Saint received his MS and Ph.D. in Telecommunications from the University of Colorado in the USA. Outside of work he enjoys building projects and companies, writing financial market algorithms, and travel. He is often found immersed in a book at a café.

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Martin Saint


Ph.D., Telecommunications, University of Colorado Boulder

MS, Telecommunications, University of Colorado Boulder

BS, Business Administration, University of Redlands, California

BA, Philosophy, University of Redlands, California