A concentration is meant to help students who are interested in a specific skill by giving them guidance when they select courses and to signal to potential employers that a student has a more in-depth skill-set in a particular area. Learn more about the exciting options available to you by reading about the specific CMU-Africa concentrations on the pages in this section at the links below.

Declaring a concentration For existing students: Concentrations are documented via the concentration declaration form.

Concentrations details

CMU-Africa concentrations are open to both MSIT and MSECE students. Concentrations are not mentioned on degree certificates, but CMU-Africa uses them to refer students to employers who require specific skills.

  • Each concentration has specific course requirements, but all require completing 48 units.
  • A course can only be applied towards one concentration although a course may be listed in the definition of multiple concentrations.
  • Independent study and research project courses may not be counted towards the concentration.
  • Students must achieve a B average or better in all 48 units of the concentration courses.
  • Concentrations are documented via the Concentration Declaration Form.

Students can strengthen their concentration knowledge by selecting an internship, practicum, and/or research in the same area as their concentration.