Spend a semester in Pittsburgh

Every semester, our top students are selected to spend a semester at our main campus in Pittsburgh. If selected, CMU-Africa will cover airfare and accomodation in Pittsburgh, as well as one cultural exposure trip.

Spend a semester in Kigali

We encourage students from our other campuses to study in Kigali or get involved in service projects.

Students eligible to study in Kigali:
• The Integrated MS/BS ECE students (otherwise known as the IMB program)
• MS ECE students studying in Pittsburgh or Silicon Valley

For more information, please contact Monique Moreland, the M.S. Academic Program Advisor, ECE

People pose for photos

Source: President Paul Kagame Flickr

President Paul Kagame meeting with students from Carnegie Mellon University's Rwanda, Qatar and Pittsburgh campuses | Kigali, 30 May 2019

Connecting globally

A Zoom-based discussion is held monthly between Pittsburgh, Qatar, Washington DC, Australia, and Africa locations to facilitate community, understanding, and relationship-building. With travel and in-person collaboration on hold, the global program seeks new collaboration and communication methods, enhancing the student experience and worldwide knowledge at all locations.

Community service

Project Rwanda is a student-run initiative at Carnegie Mellon. The goal of the organization is to establish connections between CMU-Pittsburgh and CMU-Africa. Project Rwanda aims to support the Rwandan Ministry of Education’s long-term educational goals to use technology interventions to enhance learning outcomes.

For more information, please contact carnegiemellonprojectrwanda@gmail.com