Student life

Your journey at CMU-Africa isn’t just about getting a degree—it’s about preparing you for your career and providing you with experiences and connections that will last a lifetime.
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If you have questions about student life at CMU-Africa, please reach out to Mika Inamahoro.

Student handbooks

Student-led engagement

Life at CMU-Africa is driven by the interests of the students. You can take ownership of your experience through a number of initiatives on campus such as Toastmasters, Data Science Club, or Facebook Developer Circle. You can also practice your entrepreneurship skills and start your own initiatives. Our Student Guild is a way for you to practice your leadership skills by being an advocate of the students to the university administration.

Professional development

The CMU-Africa experience extends well beyond the classroom. Students participate in leadership development, industry internships and practicums, and a suite of career services, including job search workshops and an annual career fair that facilitates formal engagement between prospective employers and students. We also have a Distinguished Lecture Series that brings in thought leaders to share their perspectives on a variety of trending topics to complement your academic experience.

The CMU-Africa Leadership Collective is a student-led initiative that aims to inspire, cultivate, and empower student leadership across key issues in African communities. The vision of the Collective is to support and develop ethical, transformative leadership in every CMU Africa graduate. The Collective will provide a platform for all our students to embark on their journey toward making meaningful and lasting contributions in their communities. For more information on the Collective, please contact Akpene Diata Hoggar (MSIT '24).

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students at umuganda

Giving back to the community

CMU-Africa students get the opportunity to give back to the community in Kigali through different initiatives like umuganda every end of the month, outreach to high schools and other higher learning institutions among other activities.

Health and wellness

CMU-Africa offers confidential wellness services to students. Professionals provide the following services:

  1. Individual counseling for mental health barriers
  2. Skill-building for increased academic focus and achievement
  3. Self-advocacy training for students who would benefit from academic support or student services support
  4. Crisis assessments and interventions including advising student services, staff, and faculty on students with mental health/behavioral concerns that are interfering with academics/community wellbeing