Course catalog

This course catalog is intended to provide a list of current courses offered under the MSIT and MSECE programs. If students become aware of a CMU course of interest that is not listed here, please contact the Director of Academics, Martin Saint.

While this list is updated regularly, there may be inconsistencies from semester to semester. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisors, and use the Student Information System for course registrations.

Follow the course number links for course descriptions, learning objectives, pre- and co-requisites, and expected outcomes.

On-site courses

Courses taught by the main instructors in Kigali. On-site courses may be video-streamed to other CMU locations.

Course Course Name Location Units Semester Offered
04-330 Fundamentals of Software Development & Problem Solving Africa 12 Fall
04-800-P Intrusion Detection Systems Africa 12 Spring
04-800-R Software Architecture and Design Africa 12 Spring
04-801-I3 Software Accessibility Africa 6 Spring
04-601 MSIT First Year Seminar Africa 6 Fall, Spring
04-801-M3 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Environment in Africa Africa 3 Spring
04-801-M4 Innovation & Entrepreneurship Environment in Africa Africa 3 Spring
04-801-I4 Speech Signal Processing Africa 6 Spring
04-801-J4 Artificial Neural Networks Africa 6 Spring
04-801-P4 Machine Learning in Computer Networks and Security Pittsburgh 6 Spring
04-801-Q4 Applied Cryptography Africa 6 Spring
18-883-M3 Off-Grid Electricity Systems Africa 6 Spring
04-802-D Entrepreneurship Seminar Africa 12 Spring
04-800-Q Games and Entrepreneurship Africa 12 Spring
04-801-R4 Game Mechanics: Simulation Africa 6 Spring
18-883-L4 Integrated Energy Systems Africa 6 Spring
04-800-M Security Assessment project Africa 12 Spring
04-801-J3 Deep Learning Systems Africa 6 Spring
04-605 MSIT Second Year Seminar Africa 6 Fall, Spring
04-611 Strategic Use of Digital Information in Enterprises Africa 12 Fall
04-612 Innovation Mgmt and Business Strategy Africa 12 Spring
04-613 IT Business Economics and Finance Africa 12 Spring
04-630 Data Structures and Algorithms for Engineers Africa 12 Spring
04-641 Fundamentals of Telecommunications and Computer Networks Africa 12 Fall
04-705-A Academic Writing: Linguistic Foundations Africa 6 Fall
04-706-A Academic Writing: Analytical Writing Africa 6 Fall
04-800-D Embedded Systems Development Africa 12 Spring
04-800-H Advanced Database Systems Africa 12 Fall
04-800-J Introduction to Probabilistic Graphical Model Africa 12 Fall
04-800-K Vulnerability Assessment and Testing Africa 12 Fall
04-800-N Internet of Things Africa 12 Fall
04-801-A4 Entrepreneurship and Business Model Development Africa 6 Spring
04-801-B3 Business Economics Africa 6 Spring
04-801-D3 IT Innovation and Business in Africa Africa 6 Spring
04-801-G4 Research Methods in Engineering Africa 6 Spring
04-801-E2 Augmented and Virtual Reality Africa 6 Fall
04-801-L Market Planning for High-Tech Innovation Africa 12 Spring
04-801-G1 Engineering Optimization Africa 6 Fall
04-801-H2 Data Compression Africa 6 Fall
04-801-K2 Tracking Cybercrimes Africa 6 Fall
04-801-L1 Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning Africa 6 Fall
04-801-L2 Software Defined Radios Africa 6 Fall
04-801-L4 Cognitive Robotics Africa 6 Spring
04-802-A Applications of Machine Learning in Africa Africa 6 Fall
04-900 MSIT Practicum Africa 24 Fall, Spring
04-910-A MSIT Entrepreneurship Project Africa 24 Fall
04-980 MSIT Independent Study Africa Variable Fall, Spring
04-990 MSIT Research Project Africa Variable Fall, Spring
18-600-RW Foundations of Computer Systems Africa 12 Fall
18-631-RW Introduction to Information Security Africa 12 Spring
18-641 Design Patterns for Smartphone Development Africa 12 Fall, Spring
18-681-RW Power Electronics Africa 12 Fall
18-731-RW Network Security Africa 12 Fall
18-751 Applied Stochastic Processes Africa 12 Fall
18-759-RW Wireless Networks Africa 12 Spring
18-771 Linear Systems Africa 12 Fall
18-785-RW Data, Inference, and Applied Machine Learning Africa 12 Fall
18-786-R Introduction to Deep Learning Africa 12 Fall
18-799-K Artificial Cognitive Systems Africa 12 Fall
18-799-RW Applied Computer Vision Africa 12 Fall
18-858-R1 Wireless Systems Lab Africa 6 Fall
18-859-R Networking Lab Africa 12 Fall
18-859-RW Emerging Technologies in Communication Africa 12 Fall
18-882-L Control of Grid-Connected Machines & Converters Africa 12 Fall
18-882-RW Energy System Modelling Africa 12 Spring
18-882-L4 Power Electronics Applications in High Power Africa 6 Spring
18-883-L3 Power Electronics Applications in Motion Control and Power Supplies Africa 6 Spring
18-883-G1 Electric Power Systems Africa 6 Fall
18-883-K1 Energy Project Development and Economic Studies Africa 6 Fall
18-883-L1 Energy Project Development Africa 6 Fall
18-883-L2 Photovoltaic Systems Engineering Africa 6 Fall
18-883-M1 Applied Smart Grid Telecoms Africa 6 Fall
18-883-R2 Advanced Power System Analysis Africa 6 Fall
18-883-R3 Small Hydro Electric Systems Africa 6 Spring
18-883-K3 Power Systems Operations Africa 6 Spring
18-883-K4 Power Systems Expansion Africa 6 Spring
18-899-K3 Data Analytics Africa 6 Spring
18-899-K4 Big Data Science Africa 6 Spring
18-899-R4 Applied Digital Signal Processing Africa 6 Spring

Online & distance learning courses

Asynchronous online courses are accessible by students individually with no live interaction, but possible remote interaction, with the main instructor. No more than 12 units of online courses can be taken to accumulate the 144 units of credit counted toward the MSIT degree.

Distance learning courses are taught by an instructor in another CMU location and accessible from Kigali via video conferencing, or they're taught by a local instructor in Kigali using recorded course content with possible asynchronous remote interaction.

Course Course Name Location Units Semester Offered
04-801-E1 African Venture Funding Africa 6 Fall
04-801-H4 Tech Startups: Tools & Techniques Africa 6 Fall, Spring
10-605 Machine Learning with Large Datasets Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
12-709 Data Analytics for Engineered Systems Pittsburgh 12 Intermittent
15-619 Cloud Computing Africa 12 Fall, Spring
17-653 Managing Software Development Africa 12 Fall
17-655 Architectures for Software Systems Africa 12 Spring
18-636-RW Browser Security Pittsburgh 12 Spring
18-640 Foundations of Computer Architecture Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
18-645 How to Write Fast Code Pittsburgh 12 Spring
18-652 Foundations of Software Engineering Africa 12 Spring
18-660 Optimization Pittsburgh 12 Fall
18-732 Secure Software Systems Pittsburgh 12 Spring
18-765 Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design Pittsburgh 12 Fall, Spring
18-797 Machine Learning for Signal Processing Pittsburgh 12 Fall
18-842 Distributed Systems Pittsburgh 12 Spring
18-879M Special Topics in Systems and Control: Optimization in Energy Networks Pittsburgh 12 Spring
18-883-R3 Small Hydro Electric Systems Africa 6 Spring
19-608 Privacy, Policy, Law & Tech Africa 12 Fall
19-625-R Sustainable Energy for the Developing World Pittsburgh 12 Spring
04-801-K3 Bitcoin and Cyptocurrencies Africa 6 Spring
67-362/A3 Big Data Analytics Africa 6 Intermittent
90-866 Large Scale Data Analysis for Policy Africa 6 Intermittent
91-801 Statistical Methods for Managers Africa 12 Fall
94-806 Privacy in the Digital Age Africa 6 Intermittent
94-813/B3 Project Management Africa 6 Intermittent
94-842/A4 Programming R for Analytics Africa 6 Intermittent
95-703 Database Management Africa 12 Fall, Spring
95-705 Telecommunications Management Africa 12 Fall
95-706 Object Oriented Analysis & Design Africa 6 Fall
95-710 Economic Analysis Africa 6 Fall
95-715 Financial Accounting Africa 6 Spring
95-716 Principles of Finance Africa 6 Spring
95-722 Digital Transformation Africa 6 Fall
95-730 E-Business Technology and Management Africa 12 Fall
95-752 Introduction to Information Security Management Africa 12 Spring
95-756 Information Security Risk Africa 6 Spring
95-757 Information Security Risk Policy & Management Africa 6 Spring
95-760 Decision Making Under Uncertainty Africa 6 Intermittent
95-791 Data Mining I Africa 6 Intermittent
95-796/Z4 Statistics for IT Managers Africa 6 Intermittent
95-797 Data Warehousing Africa 6 Spring
95-807 Object Oriented Programming for Managers Africa 12 Spring
95-808 IT Project Management Africa 6 Fall
95-831 Enterprise Architecture Africa 6 Intermittent
95-831/Z3 Enterprise Architecture Africa 6 Intermittent
95-833 Global IT Management and Sourcing Africa 12 Fall
95-852 Applied Data Science Africa 6 Intermittent
95-864/A4 Text Analytics Africa 6 Fall
95-872/A3 & Z4 The Art & Science of Business Analytics Africa 6 Intermittent