Master of Science in Engineering Artificial Intelligence (MS EAI)

The 16-20 month MS EAI program opens the door to advanced skills that will enable engineers to design powerful solutions to today's challenges.  Students learn to combine a foundation in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science with their engineering, information technology, and software skills through theoretical and practical hands-on study of real-world applications.

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Is the MS EAI right for me?

  • Are you an engineer who:
    • has solid math and programming skills?
    • is interested in integrating new technologies into your designs?
    • wants to apply your engineering skills to opportunities in Africa?
    • wants to learn about AI and machine learning and is willing to invest in a rigorous two-year program to learn more?
  • If you said yes to all of these, then MS EAI is for you!
What are units?

CMU uses units instead of credits to indicate the average number of hours required per week for a full-semester course. A nine unit class requires nine hours of work a week on the course.

Requirements for the MS EAI degree

Those pursuing a degree in MS EAI from CMU-Africa must:

  • Complete 144 units of coursework
  • Maintain a cumulative quality point average (CQPA) of 3.0
  • Take no longer than 4 semesters to complete the program

Geographical locations for the MS EAI

CMU-Africa is part of the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. CMU-Africa students have the opportunity to take semesters at CMU’s Silicon Valley campus and/or Pittsburgh campus in addition to the one required semester in Kigali, Rwanda.