Monica Sumbi is a marketing and communication pundit with over 20 years of experience whose career spans from over ten years of experience in broadcast journalism to a soon-to-be-accredited PR practitioner with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). She holds a Bachelor of Education with a specialization in English and English Literature, a master’s degree in leadership, and she is currently pursuing a doctorate in organizational leadership. Sumbi’s commitment is to play an active role in telling the African narrative of brilliance, innovation, and creativity through the lens of empowered and innovative African Leaders.

Her work experience includes story telling through creation and development of audio-visual and written material, including: commercials, editorials, informercials, newsletters, documentaries, and social media content. She has been a marketing and communications lead covering ten markets in a global multinational for close to a decade.


  • CMU-Africa’s marketing and communication strategy
  • Pittsburgh College of Engineering marketing and communication team liaison
  • Online and offline marketing and events oversight
  • CMU-Africa profile nationally, regionally, and globally
  • Marketing and communication strategy reporting oversight


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