04-605   ICT Professional Development Seminar

Location: Africa

Units: 6

Semester Offered: Fall, Spring

Course description

The seminar prepares second-year students for professional life beyond CMU. Objectives may include finding a job, securing a promotion or transfer in an existing company, preparing to become managers and leaders, entrepreneurship, or applying to a Ph.D. program. Students explore career opportunities in ICT through individual and group projects, presentations, and discussions. Students draw on internships, work experiences, team projects, selected readings, and guest lectures to examine the role of global professional, managerial, leadership, and technical skills critical to success and to develop strategies for lifelong learning and professional development.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding of the key qualities and skills of good managers
  • Awareness of leadership theory and research
  • Insight into diverse career opportunities in ICT
  • Understanding of personal value as a tech professional
  • Personal and organizational goal-setting skills
  • Development of a personal career plan
  • Online and face-to-face networking skills
  • Awareness of the impact of culture on professional norms and expectations


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Articulate their personal value as a tech professional.
  • Analyze their career options and set effective career goals.
  • Identify and leverage career development opportunities.
  • Explain the key qualities and skills of good managers.
  • Analyze and evaluate diverse leadership styles in context.
  • Reflect on their role as followers in influencing the evolution of African professional culture.
  • Communicate and collaborate more effectively across professional cultures.

Content details

  • Career path planning and goal-setting
  • Professional self-presentation and networking
  • ICT career options
  • Effective leadership, followership, and management
  • Cultural competence in the workplace




Christine Niyizamwiyitira