04-801-Z3   Innovation & Entrepreneurship Environment in Africa

Location: Africa

Units: 3

Semester Offered: Spring

Learning objectives

This seminar aims to provide students with an understanding of the specificity of the African innovation and entrepreneurship environment. Students will learn about and analyze African innovations in different industries to improve their understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship success criteria and to stimulate their innovation creativity.
Students will also learn practical and inspirational advice from successful entrepreneurs. Students will learn about several tools or practices for entrepreneurs. Most of the learning will happen through interactive and passionate discussions and experience sharing during the seminar.


After completing this seminar, students should:

  • Have a better understanding of success criteria for innovation and entrepreneurship in
  • Have developed a broader view of innovation opportunities in Africa
  • Be able to better develop their innovation ideas into a realistic and workable concept
  • Be able to critically evaluate what individual innovation opportunities require to be successful

Content details

In this seminar, we will discuss the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship for the economic development of Africa. We will analyze and understand the critical criteria for the success of innovation and entrepreneurship in general, and then analyze it further to understand the specificity of the African environment that requires the adaptation of these criteria for success in the region. We will look for the disruptive potential of IT innovation in different industries. We will discover existing African innovating entrepreneurs and try to understand the reasons for their success or failure. We will share and discuss some tools for startups. Finally, we will investigate ways to assess the impact of innovation in Africa.


Michel Bezy