E-mobility Workshop

November 10, 2023

2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. CAT


Exploring the Electric Mobility Ecosystem in Rwanda: Career and Research Opportunities

Abstract: Electric mobility is taking off rapidly across Sub-Saharan Africa. How can we view the many stakeholders in an electric mobility ecosystem? What are the opportunities of electric mobility for nation-states like Rwanda, in terms of macroeconomic benefits and new jobs? What research topics are emerging to facilitate these benefits? And what are some of the specific parameters and arrangements to watch at the technology and transaction level?
Join us in an exploration of these topics, with the help of virtual and in-person guests, including CMU researchers and CMU-Africa alumni, in this joint hybrid event organized by the Kigali Collaborative Research Centre (KCRC) and CMU-Africa.

Hosted by: Barry Rawn, Ahmed Biyabani, Sarath Tennakoon, and Moise Busogi (Deputy Head KCRC)

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