SMART Africa recipient spotlight: Edwin Mukhebi

Hannah Diorio-Toth

May 14, 2021

Edwin Mukhebi

Source: CMU-Africa

CMU-Africa's mission is to produce creative and technically strong engineers who have been trained in the African context. This mission comes to life through its students, like Edwin Mukhebi. Through his studies at CMU-Africa, he was challenged to think about real-world problems that he saw in his community.

"Having an opportunity to study within Africa increases my chances of intentionally thinking about African problems during my studies instead of abstractly thinking about them after," explains Edwin.

The diverse campus of CMU-Africa provided Edwin with the unique opportunity to share ideas about building Africa's future with students who came from all over the continent. And, opportunities like the 2019 Transform Africa Conference allowed Edwin to take those ideas and align them with the vision of African leaders.

I intend to learn and share my knowledge in the form of creating solutions for Africans.

Edwin Mukhebi, Alum, CMU-Africa

Edwin plans to use his career in data science and machine learning to unlock the potential of Africa and give back to his community. He will leverage the knowledge he gained at CMU-Africa and draw on experiences such as Data Science Club, where Edwin served as vice president, and his internship with a local startup. He hopes to significantly impact the continent's digital future by starting his own company and joining leadership to make policies.

"I intend to learn and share my knowledge in the form of creating solutions for Africans."