1. Create an account with picoCTF
    • Fill in the form
    • Once you submit the form, you will be logged in automatically.
    • An email will be sent to the email address you used to register.
      • Read the instructions, then click on "verify email address" to verify the address.
  2. Register for the picoCTF competition
    • Login to your account created above
    • Click on compete
      picoCTF navigation
    • Scroll until you find picoCTF 2024 as shown below.
      picoCTF 2022 information
    • Click on the Register Now button
    • Fill in the registration details.
  3. Create or join a team
    • We highly encourage students to participate in teams. Teams should be 2-5 students. Only one member of your team should create the team and invite teammates. 
    • To create a team, identify your teammates and proceed as follows. To join an existing team, ask your teammates to invite you.
    • If you would like to form teams with students from other schools and African countries, join our Discord channel. Use this Discord channel to ask questions about the competition as well.
    • Go to the picoCTF event, click on Event profile and select My Team.

"my team" in navigation

  • To join an already existing team, click on Join a Team as shown below
"join a team" button
  • Enter your team invite code and submit. (Obtained from the person who created your team)
  • To create a new team, click on Create New Team as shown below.
    "Create a new team" button
    • Enter a team name of your choice and submit
      • An invitation code will be generated, share it with your team members so that they can join your team.
      • In case you forget or lose the invitation code, you can regenerate a new one under team settings as shown below
        Team settings view

More information

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