04-608   Advanced Academic Skills for Engineers I

Location: Africa

Units: 6

Semester Offered: Fall

Course description

This course aims to develop students’ range of academic skills to support them in their MS programs. The skills will include academic writing, summarizing texts, preparing and delivering presentations, and research and seminar skills.

This course is offered on a pass/no pass basis.

Learning objectives

The primary aim of this course is to increase students’ ability to communicate effectively in an English academic context by developing their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Its secondary, supporting aims are to enhance higher-order thinking aptitudes and independent learning.


By the end of the course, students will be better able to identify, analyze, and construct grammatically accurate written and spoken arguments supported by clear reasoning and evidence.

Content details

  • Technical writing skills
  • Professional speaking skills
  • Constructing a logical and persuasive argument
  • Lexical range and precision
  • Grammatical flexibility and accuracy
  • Academic reading and listening strategies
  • Summarizing skills and summary writing


This is NOT for students taking 04-606 Academic Skills for Engineers I or 04-607 Academic Skills for Engineers II.


Kwan Lee