04-900   MSIT Practicum

Location: Africa

Units: 24

Semester Offered: Fall, Spring

Course description

The MSIT practicum provides an opportunity for students to apply the knowledge and skills learned in their classes to solve a real-world problem in information and communication technology offered by an industry client. In collaboration with a faculty mentor, each team of students works with an industry client to understand the problem to be addressed and develop a strategy to create a solution in one semester. A plan and schedule are developed, tasks are assigned, and progress is monitored through regular meetings. The solution is presented to the industry client who joins the faculty supervisor in evaluating and grading the practicum project.

Learning objectives

  • To learn professional ethics
  • Working as a team member
  • Engaging with a client
  • Identifying a problem, understanding the client's needs, developing, and assessing alternative solutions.
  • Developing a work plan with the client to implement, deploy, and assess a quality solution on time.
  • Reflecting on and developing your professional skills
  • Delivering clear, well-structured client presentations
  • Developing and refining communication and presentation skills


After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Acquire and assess requirements with a client
  • Make effective trade-offs in a project to realize a product that satisfies the client’s objectives
  • Define roles and tasks within a team and carry out a team project effectively
  • Make a project schedule and adapt throughout the project to deal with unforeseen contingencies
  • Apply research and observations on teamwork and professional skills to improve your own skills.
  • Apply effective written communication skills to produce high-quality reports.
  • Demonstrate effective presentation skills for diverse audiences



2nd-year MSIT standing


George Okeyo