Activities and clubs

CMU-Africa is here to support and foster your intellectual and personal growth. While our students work hard in the classroom, they have plenty of time to get involved in student clubs and extracurricular activities. Clubs bring students together to share topics of mutual interest. These clubs often supplement coursework through engaging in social events and guest lectures. Student clubs are open to all individuals, regardless of gender, race, or national origin.

Athletics and recreation

There are a number of sports and recreation options available to CMU-Africa students, including:

  • Sports events organized by the student body, such as football matches and volleyball games
  • Roadtrips outside Kigali at the end of every semester to help students to visit Rwanda
  • Movies and documentaries
  • Outings scheduled by the student body
  • On-campus game night
  • Celebration of diversity in various activities


Data Science Club

There are lots of potential innovations, insights, and brilliant solutions to tackle some of Africa’s most challenging problems that are hidden in structured and unstructured data. Would you like to position yourself in a club that can prepare you to take up the challenge? Would you like to learn or even teach how to clean data, draw insight from data and build predictive models using machine learning and deep learning techniques? We have a strategic partnership with our surrounding community and industry to accomplish this goal. We partner with AI Saturdays Kigali to train people in our community and Zindi Africa for their platform. We’ve recently organized a hackathon with sponsorship from Ingressive and IntelAI. We also have a good relationship with African Leadership University, African Masters in Machine Intelligence and African Institutes of Mathematical Science. Join us on our impactful journey and share a better vision of Africa’s future with us.

Contact: Cedric Manouan
Twitter: @cmuafricadatasc

Energy and Embedded Systems Club

The Energy and Embedded Systems Club is a coalition of students striving to tackle real world challenges in energy systems and embedded systems and propose sustainable and adequate solutions. Our work comprises a number of research projects and making connections with the wide engineering and researchers’ community with the ultimate goal of implementing our ideas and learning-by-doing.

Contact: Miquilina Selase
Twitter: @eesc_cmuafrica

French Club “Le Verbe du Technicien”

Founded in the 2020 Spring semester, Le Verbe du Technicien usually referred to as the “French Club” aims at being a platform to learn and teach the French language. This is done in a way to ensure proper cultural interaction and active integration of every student into this vibrant African community, where Tartans have no problem taking advantage of opportunities in French-speaking countries on the continent.

Contact: Anny Carella Irumva

Internet of Things (IoT) Club

We are in the age of the next technological revolution where interconnectivity allows devices to be ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives; from industry to domestic applications. The Internet of Things (IoT) club brings together students enthusiastic about being a part of this technology frontier and takes them on a journey through the many aspects and applications of IoT. With help from industry and academic experts, the club gives students an opportunity to interface with embedded devices, communications and networking protocols, software development, and data collection and processing with respect to IoT.

Contact: Pamely Zantou
Twitter: @IOTatCMUAfrica

Software Engineering and Cybersecurity Club

The Software Engineering & Cybersecurity Club works to nurture your experience in software development and to promote cybersecurity. It is a platform to equip you with world-class professional practices and principles, mainly applicable to software engineering and cybersecurity, but also transferable to other various engineering disciplines. In this club, you will learn how to manage software projects while working in teams of variously talented people, using agile methodology. You will also have the opportunity to advance your leadership skills by taking some leadership positions in the club.

Contact: Junias Bonou
Twitter: @SEC_CMUAfrica

Techy Talkers Toastmasters Club

There is a saying: “You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.” by John Ford. This is a public speaking club at CMU Africa that is a member of the umbrella organization, Toastmasters International with the motto “Where Leaders Are Made.” The primary goal of this club is to enable students to develop and improve their public speaking skills as an essential tool for career development and success. This club boasts of 100% registration from the entire student population and doubles as the most active club with its weekly meetings that take place every Friday at 6 p.m. remotely on Zoom or in-person on campus.

Contact: Daniel Emesiani
Twitter: @techytalkers

Women in Tech Club

This is a community of women who are developers and technologists interested in increasing the participation of women and girls in ICT. Its main aims are to develop strategies to engage more girls in technology, leverage opportunities vis-à-vis career goals, and build leadership capacity. We organize different activities including Women Techmakers, Django Girls, Women in Machine Learning, among others.

Contact: Arlette Houdji
Twitter: @witcmuafrica

The Student Guild

The Student Services office at CMU-Africa meets regularly with Student Guild leaders to discuss students' ongoing needs and to develop ways to enrich the student experience.

Twitter: @atCMUAfrica