Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

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CMU-Africa and the Mastercard Foundation have partnered to support students whose talent and promise exceed their financial resources. The graduate students complete their Master of Science degrees in Information Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or Engineering Artificial Intelligence. Upon completion of the program, the Scholars go on to lead changes in their communities and contribute to meaningful transformation across the continent.

CMU-Africa is part of a global network of 33 Scholars Program partners, comprised of institutions committed to developing Africa’s young leaders.

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The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program was established at CMU-Africa in 2016. The program provides generous financial, social, and academic support for students whose talent and promise exceed their financial resources. With a vision that education is a catalyst for social and economic change, the program focuses on developing leaders who are transformative, encouraging them to be active contributors in their communities.


The program focuses on:

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For more information, please contact Sandra Malaika, Program Manager for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at CMU-Africa.
  • Holistic support: The scholarship covers application preparation support, orientation, tuition and fees, health insurance, travel and basic living expenses, project, and entrepreneurship support. Scholars also have access to a range of resources that support their well-being and academic success.
  • Career preparation: Scholars benefit from tailored activities to prepare them for the workplace. Throughout their studies, they participate in professional development activities including, but not limited to, internship and career fairs, networking opportunities with industry leaders, one-on-one career coaching that prepare them to pursue their goals upon graduation.
  • Leadership development: Scholars develop leadership skills through participation in student clubs, community service, and a variety of programs that equip students to become change-makers. During their time at CMU-Africa, the Scholars take a series of leadership training sessions tailored to their needs to ensure they are equipped with cutting-edge leadership skills that will enable them to lead with distinction.
  • Giving back: Scholars live out the give-back ethos of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program by leading and participating in community service activities, developing, and implementing projects that make a difference in the lives of others. They collaborate with the members of the CMU-Africa community to push their give-back agenda.


Scholars come from economically disadvantaged communities and have demonstrated the following attributes:

  • Academic talent: Scholars value learning and have the drive to complete their education.
  • Commitment to giving back: Scholars have demonstrated a commitment to improving their communities.
  • Potential to lead: Scholars will become role models, mentors, and change-makers.

In order to be considered for the Scholars Program, students must first be admitted to one of CMU-Africa's degree programs. Learn more about tuition and financial aid and how to apply to CMU-Africa.

Hear from our Scholars

Mastercard Foundation Scholars at CMU-Africa have access to leadership training to help develop their skills beyond the classroom. The newest Scholars discuss their experience after the first training session.


View more videos about CMU-Africa's Mastercard Foundation Scholars.

CMU-Africa Mastercard Foundation Scholars

Class of 2023

  • Arlette Houndji (MSIT), Benin
  • Ofentse Phuti (MSIT), Botswana
  • Mathias Ngwa Ngong Ngai (MSIT), Cameroon
  • Benedict Furaha (MSIT), Congo (DRC)
  • Cedric Manouan (MSIT), Côte d'Ivoire
  • Aanuoluwapo Orioke (MSECE), Nigeria
  • Oluwadara Adedeji (MSEAI), Nigeria
  • Arisema Mezgebe Mihretu (MSIT), Ethiopia
  • Tsion Assefa (MSIT), Ethiopia
  • Miquilina Anagbah (MSECE), Ghana
  • Catherine Njogu (MSIT), Kenya
  • Joseph Mdumuka (MSIT), Malawi
  • Arsene Muhire (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Brice Muvunyi (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Clement Nizeyimana (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Dan Majyambere (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Emmanuel Nisingizwe Ndayisaba (MSEAI), Rwanda
  • Fabien Ngabo (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Issa Mugisha (MSEAI), Rwanda
  • Mabano Yvette (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Mastel Pierrette Mahoro (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Pax Elisee Mfura (MSEAI), Rwanda
  • Seth Abayo (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Yussuf Ntawiheba (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Mohamed Fofanah (MSIT), Sierra Leone
  • Thon Malek Garang Ok (MSEAI), South Sudan
  • Muhammad Omer (MSEAI), Sudan (the)
  • Mohamed Liouane (MSIT), Tunisia
  • Ester Namara (MSIT), Uganda
  • Brighton Mahatchi (MSECE), Zimbabwe

Class of 2022

  • Atakpa Germann (MSIT), Benin
  • Fonyuy Lami Boris (MSIT), Benin
  • Essomba Ayongo Mesmin Paulin (MSECE), Cameroon
  • Wesego Daniel (MSECE), Ethiopia
  • Mengishu Bihan Nahom (MSECE), Ethiopia
  • Shenkut Chinkil Dereje (MSECE), Ethiopia
  • Asrat Girmay (MSECE), Eritrea
  • Ametsi Etornam Aku Emmanuella (MSIT), Ghana
  • Sambou Michael (MSIT), Ghana
  • Agyapon-Ntra Kwadwo (MSECE), Ghana
  • Araka Gift Stephen (MSIT), Kenya
  • Nyamane Sylvester Posholi (MSECE), Lesotho
  • Olanweraju Ayobami Esther (MSIT), Nigeria
  • Sadiq Folashade Rukayat (MSECE), Nigeria
  • Oladejo Israel (MSIT), Nigeria
  • Chukwudi Percy (MSIT), Nigeria
  • Aderinto Favour (MSECE), Nigeria
  • Kwizera Jean-Baptiste (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Akimana Aime Jean-Baptiste (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Ayinkamiye Julienne (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Kirezi Mireille Alleluia (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Uwibambe Marie-Louise (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Kamashazi Peruth (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Bagire Faith (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Ngarambe Celestine (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Habimana Jean-Damascene (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Kabarere Lise (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Rutaihwa Frank (MSECE), Tanzania
  • Chitauro Ronald (MSECE), Zimbabwe

Class of 2021

  • Adjibi Vinny (MSIT), Benin
  • Fomonyuy Ngoran Clare-Joyce (MSIT), Cameroon
  • Gebreselassie Abrham (MSECE), Ethiopia
  • Jobe Wuyeh (MSIT), The Gambia

Class of 2021 (continued)

  • Kufuor Ernest (MSIT), Ghana
  • Bremang Asantewaa (MSECE), Ghana
  • Mbadi Sheila (MSIT), Kenya
  • Akumu Tanya (MSECE), Kenya
  • Paul Ozioma (MSIT), Nigeria
  • Mikail Mubarak (MSIT), Nigeria
  • Alabi Hamdalat (MSIT), Nigeria
  • Uwimpaye Lucie (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Dusabimana Henriette (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Munyaneza Derrick (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Chris Musonera (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Aline Gasana (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Umurengezi Docile (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Munyaneza Geoffrey (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Gasana Sammy (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Manzi Isaac (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Mutuyingabo Rugamba Odilo (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Kwizera Elie (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Rukundo Jonathan (MSIT), Uganda
  • Odero Margaret (MSECE), Uganda
  • Atak Tong (MSECE), South Sudan
  • Mabarani Samukeliso (MSIT), Zimbabwe

 Class of 2020

  • Daba Natnael (MSECE), Ethiopia
  • Habteslasie Frezgi Bereket (MSECE), Eritrea
  • Kazenga Laurette (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Umuhoza Marlyn Marie-Pierre (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Makombe Deus (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Berwa Leandre (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Umuhire Placca (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Karera Chris (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Nsuuma Nsia (MSIT), Tanzania
  • Kinyanjui Newton (MSECE), Kenya
  • Kamau Rose (MSECE), Kenya
  • Montcho Marlise (MSIT), Benin
  • Shu Neba Clasence (MSIT), Cameroon
  • Yefi Peter (MSIT), Ghana
  • Armah-Sekum Robert (MSECE), Ghana
  • Adisa Olaitan (MSIT), Nigeria
  • Oluwafemi Azeez (MSECE), Nigeria
  • Tunmise Raji (MSECE), Nigeria
  • Musoke Andrew (MSIT), Uganda

Class of 2019

  • Chukwuma David (MSIT), Nigeria
  • Fekadu Daniel (MSECE), Ethiopia
  • Kpotosu Courage (MSIT), Ghana
  • Misiko Felistus (MSECE), Kenya
  • Mogaka Gesare Olga (MSIT), Kenya
  • Maqelepo Lefu (MSECE), Lesotho
  • Oluwafunmilola Kesa (MSIT), Nigeria
  • Nkemelu Daniel (MSECE), Nigeria
  • Ishimwe Nadine (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Baranga Anne (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Musangamfura Aime-Cesaire (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Nkusi Richard (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Ndagijimana Adolphe (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Muwanguzi Sarah (MSIT), Uganda
  • Kapoma Nchima (MSIT), Zambia

Class of 2018

  • Iradukunda Christian (MSIT), Rwanda
  • Nabaana Benjamin (MSECE), Rwanda
  • Ajorkor Naa Teteh Samantha (MSECE), Ghana
  • Makario Sylvia (MSIT), Kenya
  • Wangari Rahab (MSIT), Kenya

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